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Walker's FaithWorks: Where to buy handmade wooden cross necklaces for men & women and decorative wall crosses online.
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Several of Our Handmade Decorative Christian Wall Cross Designs are NOW AVAILABLE at AMAZON.COM!!! Walker's FaithWorks at AMAZON.Com - Decorative Wooden Wall Crosses Handmade in the USA!

Gifts for Christian Women and Men for Under $10 (as low as $5.95)!

Small Mini Wooden Pocket Cross with FAITH Charm - Small Pocket Cross"Share a Little FAITH!" with Our Walker's Faith Packs! They Make Great Gifts for Christian Men and Women.
Our "Faith Packs" are Sold Online Individually or in Packages of Three or Six.
Save 25% Per Faith Pack (Only $5.95 each) with FREE SHIPPING when you purchase six!

Along with Our One-of-a-Kind Christian Wall Crosses (shown below), we also offer our Small Wooden Pocket Crosses packaged in our "Walker's Faith Packs" which includes Three Inspirational Christian Faith Cards! Currently Sold Online Exclusively at AMAZON.COM. Small Wooden Christian Pocket Cross Keychain, Pendant or Charm for Men or Women - Handmade in the USA from Red Oak. "Walker's Faith Pack #1" also includes Faith Cards #1, #2 and #3

Walkers FaithWorks - Wooden Christian Cross Designs - Wooden Crosses for Sale - Wooden Wall Crosses.

 Walkers FaithWorks - Where to Buy Handmade Wooden Christian Crosses Online Walkers FaithWorks Christian Crosses - Where to Buy a Cross Online Designs
Online Store: Handmade Wooden Christian Crosses and other Christian Gift Items For Sale Online
WalkersFaithWorks.com is my New Online Store where you can buy Handmade Wooden Crosses and other Christian Gift Items created from various types of wood by the Walker Family of Longmont, Colorado at our family business Stan's Hardwood.
Each Unique Wooden Cross is Individually Photographed, Numbered and Listed for sale. We do this so you can look at each numbered crosses picture to help you decide which cross to buy and be assured that the exact cross will be delivered to you!
We currently offer several different Wooden Cross Designs with additional styles and sizes in the works. Here are a few of our Christian Cross Categories for you to view: Wooden Refrigerator Magnetic Crosses (thinner and lighter crosses), Our Magnetic Wall/Refrigerator Hanging Crosses (both magnet and drilled hole) and Wooden Christian Wall Crosses. Terms to find our Wooden Christian Crosses Online: Wooden Christian Crosses
Please visit Walkers FaithWorks and have a look around or have a look at some of our Handmade Wooden Crosses For Sale on AMAZON.COM: Walker's FaithWorks Amazon Links

Three Crosses - What is the Meaning of Three Wooden Crosses being Displayed Together

Read About the Three Crosses - The Meaning of Three Wooden Crosses

Three Wooden Crosses

Have you ever seen Three Wooden Crosses displayed together or driven by 3 Crosses on the side of the highway and wondered what was the meaning behind this Three Cross Formation?
"What is the Meaning of Three Wooden Crosses" was a question I came across online and was a bit surprised at some of the answers given. Some of the answers were: Cross Memorials, Fans of Randy Travis, Trinity Crosses and Calvary Crosses.
Please Read: Meaning of 3 Crosses Displayed Together.

Stan's Hardwood Lumber Sales and Custom Woodshop in Longmont, ColoradoStan's Hardwood Lumber Sales and Custom Wood Shop in Longmont, Colorado
Visit Stan's Hardwood: www.LongmontHardwood.com
This is my family's Wood Shop business in Longmont Colorado.
My brother Lance Walker (along his dogs Lily and Kiwi) run the front-end (Retail Side) of the business. While my Dad (Stan Walker) operates the back-end (Wood Shop Side) of the business.
Along with selling some REALLY NICE HARDWOOD (all personally hand selected) they also team up to create some very exceptionally nice handcrafted items for sale.
If you find yourself near 1st and Main Street with a few minutes on your hands you should stop in and see some really fine Native and Exotic Hardwoods or just say hello!
Cake Decorating Supplies, Kopykake Edible Photo Cakes, Edible Paper, Edible Ink, Opaque Image Projectors, Airbrush Sets, Air Compressors, Edible Photo Images, Airbrushes, Art Projectors
Current Designs: Walkers Online Sales
Online Store: Cake Decorating Supplies
WALKERS Online Sales

This is where I spend a great deal of my time these days managing my online store: Cake-Decorating-Supply.com
Where I sell Kopykake Edible Photo Cake Supplies, Cake Decorating Airbrush Systems and Opaque Image Projectors.

Kopykake Opaque Image Art Projectors
Making Edible Photo Cakes

Art Projectors | Opaque Projectors | Image Projectors

Opaque Projectors for Artists and Craftsmen

Stan's Hardwood Sales and Woodshop of Longmont, Colorado

Where to Buy a Wooden Cross

Wooden Christian Cross Design Projects Currently "In the Works" at Walkers FaithWorks:
"Small Mini Wooden Pocket Crosses" and Keepsake Boxes.

EASTER GIFT IDEAS and Easter Basket Gift Ideas. We have a Wide Variety of Wooden Christian Crosses which make Great Easter Gifts for both Men and Women. If you are looking into different Easter Basket Ideas, Our Wooden Crosses are also make good additions to Easter Baskets. Easter Gift Ideas for Women and Men - Easter Basket Ideas

Christianity Cross Gifts - Where to Buy Wooden Christian Crosses
Wood Crosses for Sale - Wood Wall Crosses Walkers FaithWorks Handmade Wood Crosses for Sale. We display Online Images of over 100 Wood Wall Crosses to choose from to buy online.
Wooden Crosses for Sale - Wooden Wall Crosses Wooden Cross Designs Hand Crafted from various different types of wood.
Christian Crosses View Images of each individual Christian Wall Cross to find the one that is right for you!
Wall Crosses for Sale - Wall Hanging Crosses We offer a wide variety of Wall Hanging Crosses for Sale.
Crosses for the Wall - Wooden Wall Crosses View images of over 100 Wooden Crosses for the Wall

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