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They are FINALLY HERE!!!! Our Mini Wooden Pocket Cross - These Small Wood Pocket Crosses are Packaged Together in Our BRAND NEW
WALKER'S FAITH PACKS #1 with Our Walker's Faith Cards!

We are Currently Only Offering the Mini Pocket Cross Charms, Pendants or Key Chains For Sale at AMAZON.COM! Please click on one of the Links Below to go see our NEW PRODUCTS!

Walker's FaithWorks "Faith Pack #1" is Individually Packaged in a Clear Zip Lock Poly Bag and is currently being sold online exclusively at AMAZON.COM.

    Walker's Faith Pack #1 (Qty 1) Contains:
  • One: Small Wooden Cross Pendant, Charm or Key Chain Handmade from Red Oak Hardwood and a Small "FAITH" Charm and Lobster Clasp
  • One: Walker's FaithCard #01 with John 3:16 on the Front Side with John 3:16-18 and John 4:16 on the Back
  • One:Walker's FaithCard #02 with The Message of the Cross 1 Corinthians 1:18 on the Front and Luke 23:42-43 on the Back
  • One: Walker's FaithCard #03 with Hebrews 11:1 on the Front and Mark 11:22, Mark 9:23, Luke 18:27 and John 13:7 on the Back
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Walker's Faith Pack #1's
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Walker's Faith Pack #1's
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Order ONE - Walker's Faith Pack #1 Small Red Oak Wood Christian Cross


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Walker's Faith Pack #1's
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Order ONE - Walker's Faith Pack #1 Small Red Oak Wood Christian Cross


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Mini Pocket Cross - Small Wood Pocket Crosses

  Extremely happy to announce that we are currently working on a new product line which will allow you to share your Faith in Jesus Christ with a gift of a Small Wooden Mini Pocket Cross!
   Our Mini Pocket Crosses will be made from various types of hardwood and affordable to share with others. We believe these pocket crosses will be a versatile way to spread your faith and shine a little light on others. They will make great Christian Gifts to share with other people or just keep them in your own pocket to give yourself a little reminder of Jesus whenever you need it!
    Some ideas we have on how to share Our Small Wooden Mini Pocket Crosses

  • Keep the Small Wood Pocket Cross with you until the need arises to share with someone else: Keep the small wooden cross in your pocket or purse to enjoy everyday until you run across a person who is feeling down and could use a Little Gift of Inspiration.

  • Give a Keepsake Gift of Small Cross While Sharing Your Faith: Whenever you share your faith with someone else you can explain the Sacrifice Jesus made for "ALL of US" on the Cross. And give them the Mini Pocket Cross as a Keepsake Gift to remind them of the Good News of the Gospel you shared with them.

  • Give as a Inspirational Gift Cross to the Less Fortunate: My brother (Lance) likes to help the less fortunate whenever he see's them. With the Mini Pocket Crosses; Now he wraps a Mini Wooden Pocket Crosses in a few dollars and gives it to them. Lance receives a lot of joy knowing that the person he just helped out will unfold the money and find the Inspirational Gift Cross and think of Jesus!!!

  • Christian Gift Cross for a Christian Man or Woman: All of our Wooden Crosses make Great Christian Gift Ideas for both Women and Men.

  There are many more ideas we have for these small wooden pocket crosses. Hopefully we can set aside some additional time "Real Soon" and put all of these great ideas into production so we can begin offering them for sale online.

Walkers FaithWorks Cardinal Wood Christian Wall Hanging Cross with 1 Corinthians 1:18
Walkers FaithWorks Cardinal Wood Wall Cross and 1 Corinthians 1:18 (NIV)
Deco Line

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Birds Eye Maple Wood Christian Wall Hanging Cross with Our John 3:16 FaithCardWalkers FaithWorks is the online store which sells Handmade Wooden Christian Crosses and other Christianity Based Gift Items designed and crafted by the Walker Family Business (Stan's Hardwood) of Longmont, Colorado.
To help users find our Christianity Based Crosses and Gifts while searching online, we created additional web pages to describe our different Christian Crosses and other Christian Gift Items. Many of these pages may contain the same basic information, however, they are just described a little bit differently.
Magnetic Cross - Wooden Refrigerator Magnetic Crosses: Our Refrigerator Magnetic Crosses have Embedded Rare Earth Magnets and are Thinner/Lighter than our other Wall Hanging Cross Designs. Each Wooden Cross Magnet is individually numbered for you pick out your favorite and buy online.
Magnetic Wall Cross - Our Magnetic Wall or Refrigerator Hanging Crosses: These Wall Hanging Cross Magnets are Keyhole Drilled for hanging on a wall and also have embedded Rare Earth Magnets to be displayed on your refrigerator or other metal surfaces.
Wooden Christian Wall Crosses: These Wall Crosses are Keyhole Drilled for hanging on a wall. Each Wall Cross is individually numbered for you pick out your favorite and buy the cross online.
Currently In the Works: "Small Mini Wooden Pocket Crosses"

Much Like You and I
None of Our Work is Without Flaw
After All
There Has Only Been

Our Wooden Crosses are Great Christian Gifts for Both Men and Women!
We hope you make Walkers FaithWorks your favorite place
where you go to Buy a Christian Cross Online.
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Written By: Brian E Walker

Our Small Mini Wooden Pocket Crosses" make Great
Inspirational Keepsake Christian Gifts for Men and Women!